Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Return of the Crazy Blogger

WOW! Well it has been a VERY long time since anyone has seen any activity on this blog!So here is a new start with an attempt to stick with it and hopefully provide some entertainment and maybe even some creative inspiration.Life has been pouring it on thick this past year with all kinds of happenings.... new job, no job, new job,new additions to the family,weddings,creative blocks,no job again, and lack of time to do the fun stuff. But, as of today, I am trying to turn over a new leaf and dive back into the creative pool! I have really missed being here and hope that I can live up to your expectations....(all two of you that are keeping up with this blog right now, everyone else ditched after the last go around.) ! So here goes....Hi there blog fans! Hope life is treating you well these days and that you are ready for some new cards and hopefully not too boring blog entries! I am planning on uploading a few new projects tomorrow via my new smart phone, since my camera pooped out on me and isn't anywhere near as reliable as I thought it was. There have been lots of reasons for making cards these last few months and even this week holds a pretty high demand. Some funny, some classic (or as classic as I get, anyway) and some just plain fun.....so if you can hold on for one more day....(who sang that song? do you remember?)Wednesday should offer you a glimpse of what's going on around here lately.And I plan on NOT disappointing any of you, so have a great Tuesday night...celebrate with some Oreo 100th birthday celebration cookies and a glass of ice cold milk, cause tomorrow is another day, and I WILL be back!!!! Toodles till tomorrow.....Edie

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