Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The smartphone isn't as smart as I had hoped!!!!!!

So here we are blog's Wednesday night and I have zero pics posted of my cards! WHY? Because I am fighting with my technology!! I took some (what I thought) excellent photos using my android phone....then tried to send them to myself to post here. However, I have gone terribly wrong somehow. Now I know that I am the WORST when it comes to technology, but this seemed so simple when explained to me by my son, husband, and sadly, yes, myself. I was so sure I could handle it! But.... no dice! So here is the plan, I am taking photos again tomorrow morning with a "real" camera and uploading the old-fashioned way in hopes to get this stuff on the blog!!!! $###!**! And with any luck at all we should be back on schedule. Looks like maybe a beginner course in computer or better yet,any technology, would be great!! Who knew this would be so difficult! But please bear with me...I am NOT giving up! So stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed! Tomorrow I have proof that I have been upstairs in the attic putting my creative gears in motion!And I hope that I don't disappoint you! Till then....thanks so much for your patience, understanding and your kind refrain from snickering! I bid you all a good night and hope that you saved enough "birthday" Oreos to get us through another blog delay.Till Thursday (no time is scheduled, due to technological issues) my friends....Toodles, Edie

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